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Commercial University Limited is a Private University founded by The All – India Commercial Association in 1940 at Lahore and is a university incorporated under a central act being central act I of 1956. It is not recognised by the U. G. C.. Its Certificates, Diploma and Degrees are not specifically recognised by the Central or any State Government. Recognition thereof is discretionary on the part of the persons concerned.

The CUL establishes and maintains high standards of education, training and examinations at all levels. This fact has earned for it a high reputation and public acceptability of its course, examinations and awards. Many employer concerns, including private companies and MNC’s accept its awards for staff placements in their concerns. However, recognition thereof is entirely discretionary

STATUS & RECOGNITION The Commercial University is a University functioning as such ever since the year 1940 and was, accordingly, incorporated under Central Act VII of 1913 in 1949.  It is Centrally controlled by The All – India Commercial Association.  Presently, no Grants or Recognition or Aids are received from the Government within India or abroad.

In fact, Commercial University Ltd. is a private, university having no formal recognition from any government or u. g. c. or any such body and is functioning as such till date. However, owing to the high standards maintained by it, the university and its courses have attained public acceptance and its students are welcome for job placements not only in India but also abroad. Recognition thereof is entirely discretionary.

Candidates qualifying the courses can describe themselves as Commerce Graduates and Commerce Certificate, Diploma and Degree-holders of this University and suffix B. Com / M. Com, etc. to their names legally after qualifying the University Examinations and conferment of the Degree therefrom. Many Professional and Educational Institutions, Bodies and Universities within India and in other countries have accorded recognition to the University Awards for purposes of further Education & Training and certain exemptions are granted to the University Graduates by these Bodies. A list of these Bodies appears in Appendix “A “.

There have been various mis-leading and mis-guiding notifications by the university grants commission – u. G. C. – including the name of commercial university limited in the list of “ fake universities “ issued by the u. G. C..

Factually, the usage of the word “ fake univerisity “ for commercial university limited is entirely wrong, fallacious and mis-guiding.

Given herein is a copy of the press release by the university grants commission relating to the matter.

In the press release the u. G. C. Has itself stated that “ there are some institutions offering undergraduate / post graduate courses in various subjects. These institutions are not established either under central or state or ugc act ….

It is a blatant mis-use of the word “ fake “ to describe commercial university limited as such only because it is “ not established either under central or state or ugc act ” .

The word “ fake “ is used in cases where forgery is committed by way of issuing documents of other particular institutions showing that the documents have been issued by a particular named institution whereas the same are, in fact, issued by a non-existent or other institution who prints or fraudulently prepares the documents to be passed over as having been issued by the particular named insitution.

The institution making and issuing documents in the name of other institutions and thus committing forgery can certainly be called “ fake “.

However, commercial university limited has always issued its own degrees to candidates qualifying its own courses under its own name. Use of word “ fake “ for commercial university limited or its degrees is entirely wrong, ill-conceived and mis-representation of facts.

Admittedly, commercial university limited has not been established either under central or state or ugc act. Neither it has ever claimed to have been so established.

Commercial university limited has been duly incorporated under a central act being central act vii of 1913. As required by law, it has been submitting its annual returns to the registrar who has been consistently accepting the same and record of continued functioning of commercial university limited is duly available there.

Qualified Degree Holders of the University can legally describe themselves as Graduation of Masters or Doctors Degree Holders of this University and can legally suffix B. Com. / M. Com / Ph. D. ( Com. ) to their names respectively. They can apply for jobs prescribing the Degree Qualifications as minimum entrance qualifications.

Though not formally recognised so far, many an employers concerns, both in the public and Private sector Undertakings, accept the University. The University also assists its Graduates by recommending acceptance of their candidature by the prospective employers. For further action or details in this respect, Graduates of the University may write to the Registrar.

High standards of education coupled with intensive coaching and training including practical working puts our Graduates in a much more advantages position when entering professional or works career and the employer concerns also prefer this University Graduates owing to their working knowledge and professional know-how of the job requirements.

JOB PLACEMENT FACILITIES FOR UNIVERSITY GRADUATES – EMPLOYMENT AND VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE CELL. The University has an Employment and Vocational Guidance Cell for the benefit of its Student Graduates and they can avail the facility of job placement and advancement of career therefrom at no cost. The E. V. G. Cell forwards and recommends the candidature of University Graduates registered therein to prospective employer concerns as and when such opportunity arises. Though no assurances in this respect are obviously given. Many students have had the benefit and are now well placed in highly respectable and lucrative jobs in various business and commercial houses of repute, not only within the country but also in various other foreign countries. All student Graduates are entitled to seek the facilities of this Cell and may be recommended for job placement.


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